The Divine Word by Brother Mandus -

"In the Silence of my soul, I listened to the Lord"

"I AM your Heavenly Father, and I come to you now as the living Presence
within your own being. There comes a time in the life of all My Children when
realisation awakens. There comes a time when those who have already
experienced My Love are ready to be lifted into an even higher state of
consciousness. Because I am your Father I am forever creating ways for you
to expand your consciousness in harmony with My Own Perfection.

Turn away from the World for awhile and listen to Me! Forget yourself and
realise that I am God, the Christ Spirit within you now. You and I are one. We
never can be separated because you are of My Own Being. My Life is your
life. My Mind is your mind. My Love is your love. You are exactly as I am in
miniature, with the same eternal life and an infinite potential for increasingly
wonderful expression. You are because I am.

I have been with you from the beginning and I never cease to bathe you in My
Love. I lead you, protect and cherish you as My Own. In all My Realms of
material Worlds and spiritual heavens I have only one you. I created you that
you may grow in love, wisdom, knowledge and joy. I see for you adventures
beyond your greatest dreams. I long for you to take all the gifts which I have
prepared for you. As quickly as you learn to know Me you will realise that I
can only give you everything you desire. All I have, all I am, is your own for
you to accept.

I AM the Perfect Life within you. I am health and happiness, peace and
prosperity, love and laughter, wisdom and all knowledge. I am the abundant
life. All these things you already possess in My Spirit. My Universe has been
evolved through My Own Being. I hold it poised in My Mind. I live in the midst
of it. I am the Life that springs forth in trees and flowers and in every growing
plant and fruit. I am the Life and Beauty of the World and of Man.

Wherever your vision rests, there am I. You cannot mistake My Presence, for
I reveal Myself in countless ways. So many of My Children have become blind
to the Reality, to the evidence of My Presence. They accept themselves, and
all your wonderful World, without thought and deny My Almighty Love and
Intelligence which makes it all possible. They neither believe the evidence of
their own senses, nor the truth so obvious in their own beings.

But you I lift into My Consciousness now. I redeem you from blindness and
give you clear vision. I call you out of the World into your Kingdom within
where I can commune with you, and give you guidance, wisdom,
understanding and truth. I expand your soul in My Love and send you forth to
cultivate a greater love, a greater power, and to create with Me a more
wonderful way than you have ever known.

Every day you have your problems. But when you know I am with you there is
nothing to fear. If you will continue to be poised in My Spirit, I am
instantaneous Perfection in the midst of all seeming chaos, illness or
tribulation. You will overcome the World in My Strength.

You can live but one moment at a time. This moment is the only one that is of
any consequence to you. Therefore I charge you to fill it with simple trust in
Me, and with perfect love. That is the answer to every subsequent moment as
it dawns.

There is no difficulty, no illness, no seeming tragedy that is too great for My
Love to overcome. But when you insist on turning away from Me to dwell in
fear or worry on the difficulty, I must stand aside until you come back to Me. I
can only manifest My Perfection in you when you allow Me to do so. That is
your right of choice, the perfect freedom I give to you to think and live as you

My Law is Perfect. I know you will eventually live in complete harmony with
Me and thus enter perfect happiness and achievement. You are, as yet, but
learning how to live as a free being. The time has come when you shall really
begin to claim your spiritual freedom through a clearer, simpler understanding
of My Presence.

I want you to know that My Great Law is Love. It is the Great Law because I
am Love, and all things that are perfectly created are done through the Power
of thought expressed in Love.

Therefore to the extent you live in love, forgetting and sacrificing self in
service, you become one with Me. It is fundamental to your health and
happiness that you shall Love with all your heart and mind. You shall love
your family, friends and neighbours. More important you shall love those who
hurt you, your so-called enemies, be they individuals or nations. I love all, for I
am all.

When you are in the throes of conflict and your mind turns to anger,
resentment and bitterness, remember that you are hating Me. The bitterness
of your distorted thoughts, often translated into harmful physical action, not
only destroys the well-being of others, but produces spiritual, mental and
physical illness in you. I never will illness upon My Children.

You shall learn to love all, and through your understanding, to forgive all.
When you become aware of evil coming to you, the only answer is to see Me,
the Perfect Christ within the other. That is the Man you shall love. Then you
can forgive the outer man, and be compassionate, for if he despitefully uses
you, he does so out of ignorance of My Law. Love him, pray for him, forgive
him, then you lift him up to Me and I lift you up also.

From this moment let love be your constant companion, then I shall be with
you, too. Love your people, love your work. Do all things as a loving service

for Me. Every moment will then be filled with joy, and power and success, for I
shall sustain you in everything you do.

The other Law you need to know is the Law of Mind which insists, necessarily
that an experience can only become real to you when you recognise it. What
ever you accept in consciousness becomes real. You exercise your faith
every time you do this. You have faith in the ground you walk upon, faith in
the life within you, faith in the Sun and the rain, faith in the chairs and bed you
use, faith in your ability to come here or go there. All such experiences you
daily accept as Reality and thus they become concrete experience.

It is this Law which naturally must operate when you think of Me. I too can
only become a Reality when you consciously accept Me as Real. When you
know I am the Almighty Love, Wisdom, intelligence and all good within you,
you are free forever.

From this moment I charge YOU to fill your life with love and to trust Me in all
things. Ask and I am instantly the Perfect Answer. Give me your burdens, and
I will disperse them. Forget the ills you hold so closely by remembering Me.
Forgive yourself in loving Me, and serving all. I am your Lord, and when you
keep your mind filled with the knowledge that health, joy, Prosperity and
everything that is Perfect are now pouring into your life they become your